History of Heriot

A Patchwork History of Heriot

The following files make up a copy of the book "Heriot Patchwork (A Rural  History)", which was written by the Heriot History Society in the 1980's.   The society no longer exists (to the best of our knowledge), but the  book stands as a great testimony to their work.  

Please note that, to view the following files, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  Many PCs now have this when purchased, but if yours doesn't, it can be easily downloaded from Adobe.  The book can be accessed as a single file (approximately 0.5Mb) or as a series of smaller files.

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Heriot Patchwork
(A Rural History)
(Whole document, 0.5Mb)

Appendix - Early map of the area (176kb)

1.  Title Page

2.  Editorial, Heriot Village

3.  Shielings

4. The Old Manse, Heriot Church

5.  Heriot Church (Cont.)

6. Heriot Church (Cont.)

7. Borthwick Hall

8 Early school history

9. Early school history (cont.)

10 Early school  history (Cont.)

11.  The Railway - Its impact on Heriot

12.  Stagebank Smiddy, Where have all the Pringles gone?

13.  The Lost Farmhouse, The tragedy of David Pringle

14.   Early map of the area (176kb)