Welcome to the Heriot Community Website

This is the community website for the village of Heriot. Heriot is a rural community of approximately 160 properties located in the Eildon area of the Scottish Borders.

Community Council Meetings

An informal meeting of the HCC was held via Zoom on July 2nd 2020. The minutes for the meeting summarise the activities that have taken place during the lockdown period.
Download the minutes for informal meeting on July 2nd 2020

Public meetings of HCC are currently on hold on the advice of SBC due to the Covid-19 emergency and suspension of public gatherings.

Covid-19 Help in Heriot

Please go to the 'Covid-19 - support and information' webpage to download a copy of your local leaflet and for links to advice pages on the web.

Your local co-ordinators are:

  • Helen Brinkworth 07952 118097
  • Gavin Potter 07754 011112
  • Gavin Whittaker 07794 361024
  • Sue Sharp 07985 967755
  • John Williams 07768 327107

Wind Farm Applications and Appeals

The map linked to below shows the position and heights of the existing wind turbines and those that are in various stages of proposal.

Map of Wind Turbines around the Heriot area.

Greystone Knowe Wind Farm

HCC has received a request from the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit to comment on a proposed scoping report.

The scoping report can be viewed at the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit website by: clicking on Search tab; then clicking on Simple Search tab; then typing Greystone Knowe Wind Farm into Search by Project Name box then clicking on Go, then clicking on ECU00002073 and then click on Documents tab.

Please contact HCC by the 21st June with any input for the response to the scoping request.

You can view the proposed HCC response to the scoping report:
Open the draft HCC reponse to Greystone Knowe Wind Farm scoping request

There is updated information about the Wull Muir Wind Farm planning application and the Gilston Hill Wind Farm appeal on the Wind Farms page.

Heriot Plan

The community council has produced a draft version for a Heriot plan, containing background information about the Heriot community and location, with suggestions for how Heriot would like to develop in the future. This is for submitting into the next Eildon Area plan of the Scottish Borders Council.

Comments and suggestions for changes or additions to the plan are welcome.

Open the Heriot Plan

Heriot News

Regular news items, including road closures, and local events are posted to the Heriot Community Council facebook page.

Email List

Heriot Community Council occasionally sends out emails regarding council business such as agendas and minutes of meetings. Should you wish to receive these, please send an email request to the secretary at secretary@heriot.info with your email address and name. Also, please inform the secretary of any changes to your email, if you wish to stop receiving emails or if you do not receive expected emails. We try to keep the list current and remove emails that fail. The data collected is only used to send out emails from HCC.

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