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Welcome to the Heriot Community Website


This is the community website for the village of Heriot. Heriot is a rural community of approximately 160 properties located in the Eildon area of the Scottish Borders.

Community Council Meetings

The next meeting of HCC will be held on Wednesday 22nd May at 7:00pm at Macfie Hall.

Download the agenda

Download the minutes for April 10th 2024

Heriot News

Regular news items, including road closures, and local events are posted to the Heriot Community Council facebook page.

Email List

Heriot Community Council occasionally sends out emails regarding council business such as agendas and minutes of meetings. Should you wish to receive these, please send an email request to the secretary at secretary@heriot.info with your email address and name. Also, please inform the secretary of any changes to your email, if you wish to stop receiving emails or if you do not receive expected emails. We try to keep the list current and remove emails that fail. The data collected is only used to send out emails from HCC.

Wind Farm Applications and Appeals

The map linked to below shows the position and heights of the existing wind turbines and previous proposals for Wull Muir and Greystone Knowe in similar positions to current options.

Map of Wind Turbines around the Heriot area.

Greystone Knowe Wind Farm

See full details about Greystone Knowe Wind Farm

The development planning application can be viewed on the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit website by: clicking on Search tab, clicking on Simple Search tab, typing Greystone Knowe Wind Farm into Search by Project Name box and clicking on Go, then clicking on ECU00003341 and then click on Documents tab.

Members of the public can submit their own response to the planning application. Click on the Representation tab and register an account.

The application for Greystone Knowe Wind Farm was discussed at the January 26th 2022 meeting of the community council. A number of issues were raised about the impact on Fountainhall Village and the lack of consultation. There was no support for the windfarm development. It was agreed to submit a joint objection with Stow and Fountainhall Community Council

Joint Objection by Stow & Fountainhall and Heriot Community Councils

Wull Muir Wind Farm

We have been advised that Wull Muir Wind Farm may submit a new planning application.

Scawd Law Wind Farm

HCC has received a request from the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit to comment on a proposed scoping report for Scawd Law Wind Farm.

The scoping report can be viewed at the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit website by: clicking on Search tab, clicking on Simple Search tab, typing Scawd Law Wind Farm into Search by Project Name box and clicking on Go, then clicking on ECU00002111 and then click on Documents tab.

HCC has until September 25th to respond to the scoping request.

Download map showing layout for Scawd Law Wind Farm.

September 2021 Newsletter

Call for Volunteers!

During the pandemic, Heriot Community Council has been required to hold our regular meetings online. Regular emails have circulated the agendas and minutes, but it has not been ideal, and has resulted in few people attending our online meetings. We anticipate that we can soon restart in-person meetings at the MacFie Hall.

We hope that, as things get back to normal, some of you will consider taking an active role in what can be described as the “public life” of the community. Heriot relies on volunteers being prepared to give up some time to organise various activities and good causes, with the reward that you gain satisfaction and appropriate experience.

HCC meets six times a year, but some of us also attend other meetings such as the Eildon Area forum, run by SBC to devolve powers to regional groupings of communities. The Scottish Government is committed to supporting communities to do things for themselves, and to make their voices heard in the planning and delivery of services. As a result, community councils are consulted on an increasing number of matters. This includes planning applications, local and regional plans and many other important matters relating to health, education, transport, policing etc. Things that are central to our way of life!

HCC also appoints two members to the Panel for the Carcant and Toddleburn Wind Farm Community Fund, and two members to the Dun law Extension Trust. There is considerable workload on a small number of volunteers and leads to just a few of us wearing several hats. There is a real need for fresh volunteers to come forward please!

Change in the community council needs to be gradual to ensure experience is passed on, but it certainly is needed to ensure the bodies remain relevant and in touch with local views.

Please download the pdf to read more about the work done by the HCC and ongoing projects.

HCC newsletter September 2021

Heriot Plan

The community council has produced a draft version for a Heriot plan, containing background information about the Heriot community and location, with suggestions for how Heriot would like to develop in the future. This is for submitting into the next Eildon Area plan of the Scottish Borders Council.

Comments and suggestions for changes or additions to the plan are welcome.

Open the Heriot Plan