Heriot Community Council

Council Members

  • John Williams (Chair), email crookstonmill@btinternet.com
  • Gavin Whittaker (Secretary)
  • Frank Connelly (Treasurer)
  • Sue Sharp
  • Helen Brinkworth (co-opted member)

Dates for Community Council Meetings

Public meetings of HCC are currently on hold on the advice of SBC due to the Covid-19 emergency and suspension of public gatherings. Meetings are currently being held online via Zoom.

  • 11th August 2021
  • 20th October 2021
  • 8th December 2021

Minutes of Community Council Meetings

2021 - pdf downloads

Minutes of Community Council Meetings

2020 - pdf downloads

Minutes of Community Council Meetings

2019 - pdf downloads

2018 - pdf downloads

2017 - pdf downloads

Heriot Plan

The community council has produced a draft version for a Heriot plan, containing background information about the Heriot community and location, with suggestions for how Heriot would like to develop in the future. This is for submitting into the next Eildon Area plan of the Scottish Borders Council.

Comments and suggestions for changes or additions to the plan are welcome.

Open the Heriot Plan