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  • I'm in a Fairy Tale....get me out of here! The reality show to end all reality shows! £2.50 per ticket Wednesday 19th December, 7pm at the school hall.

Recycling Schemes

The school is running several recycling schemes which are open to the community. Items that can be recycled are biscuit wrappers, old ink cartridges, beauty product packaging, batteries and old pens. There is a recycling depot in the outside shelter available during school times.

Crisps packets, of any brand, and Pringles cans/tubes have been added to the list of items that can be recycled at school through Terracycle.

Our first shipment of biscuit wrappers was sent off a couple of weeks ago. We earned 1,466 points (£14.66) to spend on eco products for our school and helped reduce waste! Thank you to those who have contributed to this.

Please view the following posters for more information on what can be recycled.