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This is the community website for the village of Heriot. Heriot is a rural community of approximately 160 properties located in the Eildon area of the Scottish Borders.

Wull Muir Wind Farm Exhibition

There is going to be an exhibition for Heriot community given by Energiekontor, the developers for the proposed wind farm at Wull Muir, near to Carcant wind farm. The proposal is for up to 8 turbines, up to 150 meters in height. The exhibition will be held at the Macfie Hall on Friday February 8th, between 3pm to 6pm. Obviously this is a proposal that will be a major change for Heriot, and this exhibition is a consultation to give our community an opportunity to hear the facts, and give feedback to the developers. Those attending will be asked to give a brief written response so our reaction is passed to the SBC as the Planning Authority. I would urge everyone to do their best to attend. Details of the current status of this application can be found on the SBC Planning portal at 18/01308/SCO. Energiekontor have told us they expect to make a formal planning application by the end of March.

Agenda for Council Meeting on Febuary 6th 2019

Download agenda, pdf copy

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Regular news items, including road closures, and local events are posted to the Heriot Community Council facebook page.

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