Wind Farms

Existing Wind Farms

There are three wind farms within or bordering the Heriot area. These are Carcant, Dun Law and Toddleburn.

The map linked to below shows the position and heights of the existing wind turbines and those that are in various stages of proposal.

Map of Wind Turbines around the Heriot area.

Applications and Proposals for Wind Farms

Greystone Knowe Wind Farm

See full details about Greystone Knowe Wind Farm

The development planning application was submitted on 27 Oct 2021 by Coriolis Energy and ESB for 14 turbines up to 180m to tip in height. This is located on open farmland about 2km west of the A7 in the Gala Water valley. It would be about 2km south of Heriot and about 2.5km west of Fountainhall on land belonging to Pirntaton, Brockhouse and Haltree Farms.

Download map showing layout for Greystone Knowe Wind Farm.

Scawd Law Wind Farm

A Scoping Request has been submitted to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit by Fred Olsen Renewables Limited.

At present the proposal is for up to 12 turbines and up to 180m to tip in height.

Download map showing layout for Scawd Law Wind Farm.

Wull Muir Wind Farm

See full details about Wull Muir Wind Farm

Proposed to erect 8 turbines up to 130m height, at Wull Muir.

The applicants Energiekontor UK Ltd have appealed against the decision to refuse planning permission by SBC. The case has been allocated to a Reporter on 18/05/2020, and the progress of the appeal can be seen on the DPEA website at

The Appeal reference is PPA-140-2080.

All parties who commented on the original applications were invited to make additional comment on the Statement of Appeal. However, all previous comments will still be considered.

The HCC position remains the same as previously given. HCC submitted the following comment on the Statement of Appeal.

HCC response submitted May 2020

Download map showing new layout for Wull Muir Wind Farm submitted 30 Sept.

Gilston Hill Wind Farm

See full details about Gilston Hill Wind Farm

Proposed 7 turbines up to 126.5m in height, sited on the northern slopes of Brotherstone Hill and on the edge of Fala Moor.

The second Appeal Decision Notice by the reporter was published on 6th Feburary 2020.

The decision was to dismiss the appeal and refuse planning permission.

Download the second Appeal Decision Notice for Gilston Hill Wind Farm.